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Smokin' Ham has always been know for a very distinctive sound. Achieving that sound is no accident. It begins with seasoned, disciplined players backing up one of the best vocalists in the region.

Getting "That Sound" from the stage to the audience is no small task either and we rely exclusively on Renkus Heinz  Professional PA gear to accomplish this.

Whether your venue is a small club, large hall or an outdoor event, we scale our Renkus Heinz System to your space to achieve unequaled vocal and instrument clarity at volumes that are very pleasing and comfortable to your patrons.

Club owners often ask us how we get such "good sound" at volumes that are "perfect" while other bands say they need to be SO loud to sound good. Well, this answer is deserving of a website of its own  but we'll give you the short answer here.
1) Always remember, folks want to hear what the singer is singing.
2) Know your parts and play them. Watch listen and enjoy the rest of the time.
3) Loose the ego's, we're making music and not a drummer video.
4) Invest about $75,000 in Quality instruments, amps and Sound Equipment that sounds good at any volume. (Very Important)
5) Understand that you are the "entertainment" for the folks 20' in front of you and if the bar next door wants to hear a band, they can hire one on their own.

Our Gear:

  • 2 -Renkus Heinz BPS 1-15 15" Sub Woofers
  • 2 -Renkus Heinz BPS-2-15 15" Sub Woofers
  • 6- Renkus Heinz SR2  High Packs (2-15" Drivers & 2" Horn)
  • 2- Renkus Heinz SR1 High Packs  (1-15" Driver & 2" Horn)
  • 6 -Renkus Heinz SR6/6 High Packs. These are Bi-Amped, 3 way enclosures scalable to venue size.
  • 4- Renkus Heinz P3500 Power Amps plus QSC and Crown amps.
  • Renkus Heinz Stage Monitors with 6 individual monitor mixes.
  • Presonus 16.4.02 Digital Mixing Console
  • Dynamic Sound Processing - We utilize the same technologies that you find on the big stage such as noise gates, low and high pass filters, compression etc... These tools combined together help ensure a "clean" reproduction of the sound on stage while preventing unwanted effects such as bleedover from microphones into other channels.
  • Complete line of high quality Microphones and accessories.