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Most nights we get to the end of a show and realize we forgot to introduce the band. Guess we figure that you folks come to hear some good music and dance and not to listen to us talk about ourselves. Anyway, we've learned over the years that Oscar is the only name folks tend to remember. (It's all about that darn pig)


Well, Since this website has a page that we needed to fill up, I figured we'd introduce the rest of the fellows to the World Wide Web.



Individually, we've all got jobs, families, responsibilities and the same challenges that most folks reading this tend to face everyday.


Together, we're the Smokin' Ham Band and we have more fun playing music than any band I've ever seen.


It is our sincere hope that the seven of us can do something to brighten up your day and that you can go home from a Smokin' Ham Show feeling good and ready to face tomorrow.


Scroll down to meet the band.


Randall Morris - Drums - Carroll, Oh

Daron (Randall) Morris comes from a long line of talented musicians and has been the heartbeat of the Ham band since about 2008. Lots of bands have tried to steal Randall (can't blame them) but we figured out a long time ago how to keep him around. First, learn a new Keith Whitley song every 3 months. Second, we haul his drums in our trailer so he couldn't play somewhere else if he wanted to.


In addition to being one of the best drummers in these parts, Randall is responsible for ensuring that Oscar gets in the trailer at the end of the show. Some nights this is quite the task...especially when Oscar has just opened a cold beer as was the case in this picture.


Randall is a truck driver for FedEx by day and enjoys the rest of his free time with his wife and young children.


We've known Randall for many, many years and feel very blessed to have him "keeping the beat".

Keith Howard - Bass Guitar - London, Oh

Keith is one of the two founding members of the original Smokin' Ham Band. Back in the early days, he lived in a Ham House and he drove the Ham Van.


Keith played lead guitar in the beginning and then took up the bass around 1989. Recently Keith took up pedal steel guitar and has enjoyed the dickens out of this fine instrument. When Keith discovered that steel guitarist Phil Perry was looking for a band, he pulled the bass back out and brought Phil in on the steel. "It's always about what is going to make the band sound the best" to quote Keith.


Keith is the General Manager for the band which includes, ensuring Oscar's dressing room is fully stocked, checking the air pressure in the trailer tires and making sure everyone knows where we are playing. Keith also books the band. You can reach him at 740-837-0136 or by email,


Keith and his wife Barb are business owners in Madison County Ohio and enjoy spending time with their 5 dogs Bugsy, Missy, Sally, Annie and Max. These would be the same 5 dogs that guard the trailer full of sound equipment.


Rod Mouser -Lead Vocalist and Acoustic Guitar - Lilly Chapel, Oh

Rod is also a founding member of The Smokin' Ham Band. He and Keith started picking guitars together back in high school (that was a long time ago) and the music lives on today with more passion than ever before.


Rod's first love in music is Classic Country and he can sing it with a natural ease and with heartfelt emotion that brings the listener right into the song. Don't let this country boy fool you too long though cause several times a night he'll belt out some Rock-N-Roll Classic that'll leave you saying "how does he do that". 


Amongst Rod's many talents we have to list "Artist". Rod designed and drew all of the original Ham artwork and Logos and he hand carved our current "Oscar".


Rod works at CED in Columbus through the week. He and his wife Susie enjoy the peaceful country living of Lilly Chapel, Ohio and having their grandson over on weekends.

Dan McKinney - Lead Guitar - London, Oh

At 27 years old, Dan is the 3rd longest standing member of the Ham Band with 13 years of "Hamming" as of 2013. Yep... He was just 12 years old when he got his first set of drums and by the age of 13 he was drumming for Rod and Keith at local get togethers, benefits and even in a few clubs (whoops).


Keith showed Dan everything he knew about guitar along about 2001.  Two minutes and 37seconds later Dan said " I think I got it" and what happened from there is still listed as an unsolved mystery. Self taught (can't really count the 2:37 instructional from Keith), Dan is one of the hottest pickers in the state of Ohio.


Nonetheless, us older Hamites' made Danny stay on drums until Randall came along and this set the stage for the current Smokin' Ham Sound.


In addition to Drums and Guitar, Dan plays Keyboards, Mandolin and about anything else he picks up for more than two minutes and thirty seven seconds. He is also our leading sound engineer for live shows and handles all of our recording in his "home studio".


Dan lives with Andrea Chaffin just outside of London Ohio and no one is really sure what (if anything) Dan does for a living. We speculate that he won the lottery and just won't tell the rest of us.


Darwin (Dr. Wong) Conley - Guitar and Vocals


Darwin was the "boss" of the Pure Bull Band in 1980 something when Keith and Rod first met him. He had the best band in central Ohio playing all the coolest gigs and still yet he befriended the two young lads and helped them get gigs in the clubs he played in. Along the way, Darwin was always there when we needed a picker to fill in or just some good advise in general.


Having outlasted most of his old bandmates, we thought it only natural and right to round out our sound with the guy that helped us develop it to begin with. 


In the words of the late Deacon Morris, Darwin is a "absolutely mediocre" Picker and singer. That my friends is the highest compliment  ever bestowed upon anyone by Deacon.


Can't tell you where Darwin lives... He still thinks the UFO's are looking for him.

Brian Myers - Fiddle - Mt Sterling, Oh

Brian has played with a few other central Ohio bands over the years and his most recent band told him "you have to get married or quit the band". Lucky for us, Brian wasn't quite ready to tie the knot (sorry Stephanie) so we grabbed him right up. Now that he's here, I reckon he can marry anytime that he wants to.


Brian has a passion for Country Music that we haven't seen in years and it can be quite contagious. In addition to playing a mean Fiddle, Brian plays the mandolin and sings harmony vocals.



Brian builds cabinets for conversion and specialty vehicles through the week and spends most of his free time sawing away on his fiddle and contemplating marriage in the quaint little village of Mt. Sterling Ohio.

Pedal Steel Guitar - Phil Perry - Lebanon, Oh

Phil is a 30 year veteran of the Pedal Steel Guitar and has toured with Nashville acts in the past.


Currently, Phil is more settled into the "home life" and taking a break from being on the road. Works out great for us to keep him busy around central Ohio with the Smokin' Ham Band.


Phil will entice you with his sweet melodic fills on one song and then have you hanging on for dear life with his blazing fast picking on the next song.


Phil and his wife Gail are just honest to goodness, down to earth folks that love Country Music and the people who play it and listen to it.


Welcome aboard Phil and Gail.